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Take a Tour of Our Favorite Neighborhoods


The Milk District

The Milk District is a cultural hub with a progressive lifestyle, music and arts scene, featuring diverse culinary experiences, colorful murals, recreational sporting and music venues, unique shopping destinations, community gardens, award winning bars, coffee shops and more...


The Packing District

Located in Orlando near College Park, The Packing District is a 202-acre redevelopment centered at the intersection of Princeton and Orange Blossom Trail. The project will preserve and recapture a defining part of our community’s history while providing a vibrant base of living and commerce...

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Ivanhoe Village

Nestled in one of Orlando’s most treasured historic neighborhoods and anchored by beautiful Lake Ivanhoe, Ivanhoe Village is filled with antique stores, art galleries, design centers, master craftsmen, restaurants and retail shops...

Thornton Park.png

Thornton Park District

Thornton Park has a very cosmopolitan feel, as it is the location of exclusive restaurants, high-end fashion boutiques, and The Sanctuary, which has some of the most expensive condo units in Orlando. Other luxury condominium buildings in that area include The Waverly and 101 Eola…


College Park

College Park is a vibrant neighborhood located just outside of downtown Orlando where you can experience urban living with a small town feel. This community is made up of some of the finest local retailers, award winning restaurants, and small businesses found in Central Florida...

City District.jpg

City District

City District, formerly known as Church Street District, has been over a decade in the making. Conceived during the Great Recession of the early 2010’s, the City District is comprised of business owners working together to strengthen economic development in
Downtown Orlando...


Mills 50

Visitors will discover a unique blend of independent businesses that specialize in holistic living services, massage therapy, yoga, acupuncture and martial arts as well as tattoo studios, visual artists, design studios, photographers, hair salons, restaurants, bakeries, bars and unique shops as well as a winery and brewery.


SoDo District

The SoDo District is a business district surrounded by many of Orlando’s historic neighborhoods known for their lakes, walkable parks and streets. Orlando Health, one of Orlando’s most established hospitals has served as a mainstay of the district since 1918...

Curry Ford West.jpg

Curry Ford West

Orlando’s newest Main Street District is also its most rapidly transforming. What had become a pass-through for commuters is being revitalized by passionate business owners and championed by a new generation of residents eager to build community and see local culture thrive...

Hourglass District.jpg

The Hourglass District

The Hourglass District is a neighborhood redevelopment project focused on enhancing the unique culture of one of Orlando’s most established communities. By re-imagining its core with fresh originality, local influence, and fitting visual appeal, the project has shined a spotlight on what’s possible. 


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